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About the Project

KSHITIJ GRANDEUR is an exclusive Bungalow Scheme for the Elite. A bouquet of a dream homes with secured, peaceful, beautifully planned & carefully landscaped surroundings. The feeling of aesthetics is expressed through every part of the architecture be it the Villas or the Clubhouse, the cannel or simply the road.

Just half a kilometer for Dhasai Town (Taluka Murbad), Kshitij Grandeur, truly stands to it’s name GRANDEUR…. A world complete in itself, with all the grand amenities for an urban living and studded amidst the nature.


Currently this project is not for Sale

Site Under Construction, Please visit Again 



  1. Climate: Very pleasant throughout the year.
  2. Summer Maximum Temperature is 35° C, Minimum is 17° C. Winter Maximum Temperature is 27° C and Minimum is 10° C
  3. Rainfall: Average rainfall 3600mm (June to September).


  1. Air: Easily approachable from Mumbai of Pune Airport.
  2. Railway: Nearest Railway Station is Kalyan.
  3. Public Trasport: S.T. Services are available from Bombay Central, Thane, Parel, Karjat, Kalyan.
  4. Private Trasport: Rickshaws/ Private taxis are available from Dhasai & Murbad.

Places of interest near Kshitij's Grandeur

Dhasai reservoir – 2.5 Km

Gorakhgad - 9 km
Gorakhgad is a small fort at Dehri village near Murbad. Named after Saint Goraknath, the fort is at a height of 2150 ft above sea level.

Malshej Ghat – 30 km.
A charming hill station, placed at an altitude of 700 mt above the sea level, Malshej Ghat is a fascinating tourist destination with a rejuvenating climate. Famous for its numerous lakes, cascading waterfalls, and charming mountains, this hill station is a favourite tourist destination of hikers, trekkers, adventurers and nature lovers. A typical woody countryside, Malshej Ghat is distinguished for its rich flora and fauna, historic forts on rocky mountains, enthralling rivers, meandering waterfalls, resorts and sanctuaries.

Mahuli Fort - 41km
Mahuli Fort. At 2815 ft., this is a sought after trekking destination.

Matheran - 57km.
Very famous hill station of Maharashtra.

Naneghat - 71km
It's the one of the ancient trade routes, existing right from the Satvahanas and was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at theJunnar which was then a flourished market place.
Naneghat trek is one of the best Monsoon treks. From this base, a 2 meter wide pass connects to the actual plateau ‘Naneghatachi NaLi’.

Site Under Construction, Please visit Again

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