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Kshitij's Woods epitomizes contemporary artistry, aesthetics and personalized lifestyles. The entire expanse of development not only reflects exclusivity but also reaches out to an ethereal world full of life, vibrancy and serenity.

Customized Premium Lifestyle

We believe that every structure is a work of art, displaying individual’s elegance and anomaly. Designing of the same can be facilitated by us keeping in mind, your lifestyle and budget.

Ideal Plot Size

At Kshitij’s Woods deliberations goes into every aspect, including determining the ideal plot size. A Large plot is a dream of everybody; but it rarely justifies the cost. Our team of Architects has therefore arrived at an ideal plot size after evaluating all aspects of living, of an hospitable family, including the space required for your structure, the optimum size of the private sit-out or the Landscape garden, and of course, with a leer on the maintenance cost. Our objective is that every inch of your property is utilized to the fullest, to make it an ideal weekend gateway.

Very easy to buy

At Kshitij’s Woods your buying process is made easy by our transparent norms, easy finance from Banks and a host of other Offers.

Help is only a Phone call away

Customer is our greatest asset. Our Customer Help-line service facilitates arrangements, for a host of your other requirements like House-keeping, Garden maintenance, Renting of Villa etc.; making your life at Kshitij’s Woods comfortable, physically, ecstatically and financially!

Flourishing Investment

The thrust given by the government in developing this belt . . . Adlabs Imagica in close proximity. . . many new project transpiring around us . . . . and being at a walking distance from the Khopoli-Pali Highway, local market, Petrol-pump, Bank, habitation and religious places; Kshitij’s Woods is poised for a flourishing investment.

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  1. Climate: Very pleasant throughout the year.
  2. Summer Maximum Temperature is 35° C, Minimum is 17° C. Winter Maximum Temperature is 27° C and Minimum is 10° C.
  3. Rainfall: Average rainfall 3600mm (June to September).


  1. Air: Easily approachable from Mumbai of Pune Airport.
  2. Railway: Nearest Railway Station is Khopoli.
  3. Public Transport: S.T. Services are available from Bombay Central, Thane, Parel, Karjat, Khopoli, Pali and Pune.
  4. Private Transport: Rickshaws/ Private taxis are available from Khopoli/Pali.

Places of interest near Kshitij's Woods

  1. Archeological beautiful temples of "Lord Rameshwar" with Holy water.
  2. Ballaleshwar Temple (Ashta Vinayak), Pali,.
  3. Shree Varad Vinayak (Ashta Vinayak), Mahad.
  4. Karnala Bird Sanctury – Popular bird sanctuary to interest bird lovers.
  5. Adlabs Imagica Theme Park
  6. Amba River
  7. Padsare Waterfall
  8. Indiabulls Golf City
  9. Alibag
  10. Lonavala
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